Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Heiner Schanz

Prof. Dr. Heiner Schanz holds a professorship in Environmental Governance at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg. He is the head of the Chair Group in Environmental Governance at the Institute of Environmental Social Sciences and Geography. His research focuses on sustainability strategies and planning, environmental governance and regulation, and the role of markets in sustainability transitions. Prof. Dr. Heiner Schanz has been awarded with the Landeslehrpreis in 2007 for the conception and work within the interdisciplinary study program “Environmental Governance”.

Dr. Helen Brookman

Dr. Helen Brookman is the current Director of Liberal Arts & Pro-Vice-Dean (Innovation in Education) at King’s College London. Her research interests concern teaching and learning, especially creativity and interdisciplinarity in Arts and Humanities education; medievalism, particularly scholarly and literary translation and the history of medieval scholarship.

Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt

Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt holds the chair of Science and Technology Studies at University College Freiburg. Her research focuses on the history of life sciences, more specifically the history of physical anthropology and human population genetics in the 20th and on Science and Technology Studies. Prof. Dr. Lipphardt is currently involved in a research project on how population geneticists frame certain populations. She will also attend the sessions of the technology track as an expert.


Teun J Dekker

Teun J Dekker is currently Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Political Philosophy at University College Maastricht. He teaches courses on the intersection of the Social Sciences and the Humanities, including History of Political Thought and Distributive Justice in Contemporary Political Philosophy. He also works at the Dutch Ministry of Education, where he contributes to the implementation of the Strategic Agenda for higher education.

Esteban Acuna

Esteban Acuna is a doctoral candidate at the Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg and member of the Junior Research Group COME. His main areas of research are Ethnography, Mobile Methods, Romani Studies; ethnic groups, Border Studies; Mobility, Migration, Displacement and Refugee Studies; Violence, Discrimination, Development.

Dr. Simon Büchner

Dr. Simon J. Büchner is the Course Coordinator of the Major Life Sciences, and a lecturer at University College Freiburg. He received his PhD in psychology from the University of Freiburg. Dr. Büchner has taught courses on several subjects both in Germany and the United States. His research covers the areas of perception, attention, and decision making. In his most recent project he investigated the allocation of people’s attention while navigating large-scale complex spaces.