Dear everyone, we were asked some questions and would like to provide some answers to the most frequently asked ones on this page.

  1. How does the reimbursement of travel costs work?
    The total amount of money that ECOLAS  provides for the reimbursement of travel costs will be distributed to the participants so that every participant who applies for travel costs gets the same percentage of their respective  costs reimbursed. It would be great for the process of the reimbursement, if you could send us an estimate of your travel costs as well as a copy / picture of the receipts after the conference to info@lesconference.eu.
  2. When can I arrive / leave?
    The programme of the conference starts Thursday 5:30 pm and it ends Sunday morning after breakfast. In the best case you’d arrive on Thursday and leave on Sunday as to facilitate the finding and management of homestay opportunities. If you have to arrive earlier due to travel schedule restrictions, we encourage you to contact us via info@lesconference.eu to figure out possibilities for being hosted for one more night or to book yourself accommodation for one night. As to leaving early, it would be great if you could stay until Saturday around 6 pm.
  3. We’ve been asked, whether there is a dress-code for the conference:
    There is no specific dresscode. If there were one, it could be called “smart-casual”. We encourage everyone to wear something they feel comfortable and confident in. Furthermore, just keep in mind that we’ll be taking pictures during the conference. Hence, wear something you would be ok with if the world saw you wearing it.
  4. Ask us your question and we will after responding to you publicise the answer here:  info@lesconference.eu